The De Vere and South African wines

Martin and Richard have taken time out and decided to visit The De vere Hotel at Wotton House in Dorking Surrey. What beautiful surroundings and what a warm welcome they received from the staff, they whole heartedly recommend a visit and don’t forget to use the facilities, the steam room and sauna with the pool is just an excellent way to finish the day after tasting some lovely wine. First cape sauvignon blanc and the Southern point sauvignon blanc were well received but make sure they are well chilled, it just helps to make the experience better. First Cape was 12.5 % alcohol level however it was pleasant with not a lot going on. It really didn’t hit you with any thing extraordinary. however at £4.99 it suddenly becomes quite appeasing.The Southern point from Asda had more going on in the nose section however not a great deal on with regard to

the taste. Green apple and melon, no couldn’t really taste that. Reduced to £4. would you try it with a meal, yes wine not. Martin and Richard did agree though that the First Cape was the better wine. watch the video and see if you agree.

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