Still at the De Vere in Dorking. Red South African wines.

Martin and Richard have ventured onto the Red wines. Quirky Bird or Cinsault. No they haven’t heard of these either, but when you blind taste you definitely are tasting on merit. The Quirky bird is a Shiraz from Tesco and as Martin and Richard said ” It doesn’t taste like a shiraz”, no depth to be honest, a little bit disappointing. “Drink while your still young” it says. Good advice, especially at £4.85 .

Whereas when they moved onto the Cinsault it really took them by surprise and at great value at £5.48. The aroma wasn’t that strong but the taste really hit them. It was deep and strong and both them preferred it over the Quirky Bird. Martin  enjoys the red when it is warm and full and this fulfilled that criteria,infact even Richard was impressed with an alcohol level of 14.5%. With a twist of spice on the finish it is definitely one not to miss. Enjoy it with a meal or with friends ,this one is worth a good discussion late into the evening.

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