Shorn or Giesen?

Martin and Richard are tasting New Zealand wines, this time however they start with the whites. The first wine is a Shorn Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Taken from the shelves of Asda it cost them £6.00. A nice clear wine with plenty of fruit to smell. Richard enjoys his white wine but with tasting so many grapes over the last six months he is feeling a little over whelmed with the different varieties. How do they rate this wine though? Martin thinks that there is too much going on and tastes too dry. The taste though might go with a meal, Richard is on the money when he knows it is a Sauvignon Blanc. ” Too much hard work “says Richard and Martin agrees.  A score of 3,2 for Richard whereas Martin feels it is only worth a 2.8. Why don’t you try it and let them know what you think


The Giesen from Tesco at a cost of £6 reduced from £6.75 was again very light. “Very pleasing “says Richard. The aroma was not so harsh, but could be served a little more on the cooler side. Martin knows that this wine would be excellent with a lovely desert. Richard feels that this wine is less complicated compared to the Shorn. Martin rates this wine only a 3.0 whereas Richard feels that this wine deserves a 4.2. Not bad value for a New Zealand wine.

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