Oyster Bay Merlot vs Marlborough Pinot Noir

Martin and Richard are tasting New Zealand Wines, red wines this time. What did surprise them though was the lack of red wines under £6, in fact Karen and Debbi, the production and sourcing team, were unable to source any wines from this part of the world under £6. Martin and Richard are trying to find wines that you the viewer can take to party or just enjoy on your own for a reasonable price, this as you will see from the video didn’t go to plan.

The Oyster Bay had plenty of aroma and the first taste gave away plenty of fruit. Martin and Richard did enjoy this wine, it isn’t pretentious as some wines are, “Very robust “says Richard and Martin had to agree. To enjoy this wine make sure it is served not too warm , room temperature adds to the experience. 13.5% alcohol level just made it taste a little better , it felt rich and gave deep meaning. £9.75 was little too expensive for Richards liking, but when we found out that it had been reduced to £8, it made it seem reasonable. Well done to @Morrisons for finding a delightful red wine. Richard gave it a 4.8 where as Martin gave it a 4.7 just below Richards marking because of its price.

Pinot Noir Marlborough from @Aldi had more fragrance, however when they tasted it they were some what let down. The scent did not transfer in to a pleasant experience on the tongue, it was watery and did not hit the mark. Lots of potential when smelling the wine but losing a lot on the taste. Both Martin and Richard agreed they did not enjoy this wine as much as the Oyster bay. It could have been chilled a little more , and Martin said “it borders on being a Rose”. 13% alcohol level should have made this bottle a little more appealing. Martin, even though he did not enjoy this one still gave it a 3.9 because he could see it being more popular during the summer months,  Richard had to agree. £6.99 from @aldi.

Todays winner then is the Oyster bay.

check out the video and see if you agree,






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