Mondelli Montepulciano or Cabalie.

Martin and Richard every now and then invite you the viewer to join them when you tell them the wine you enjoy, this week they welcome Tricia Davenport, who has been watching every episode and enjoying Martin and Richards banter as they try to describe a good wine for you. “There can’t be much on TV these days ” thinks Martin as he realises that Tricia has watched MR Wines from it infancy.

Tricia suggested the Mondelli Montepulciano from @Sainsburys at a cost of £5.50.  When the sourcing team acquired this wine it was only £5.00, so watch out for the offers. Don’t make it too warm like Martin did, just have it at room temperature. It was a nice deep colour not too deep though. Tricia says “it makes you lick your lips” very silky. “Smooth and silky like a persian cat’ says Richard, infact they all agree and lovely wine. Well done @sainsburys. Tricia rates the wine as a 4.8. Martin rates it at 4.65. Richard rates it as 4.9.

Excellent Wine and good value.

Cabalie is a wine you can pick up from @Laithwaites at a cost of between £6.99 -£9.99. Again it is a nice all round red . Richards brothers and father really rate this wine. Alcohol level is 13%. Tricia tastes the difference but it is still enjoyable and different, “it hangs around your mouth” says Tricia. Richard finds the wine a little plain whereas Martin and Tricia feel it is quite a good wine just a little bit too expensive. Tricia rates this wine at 4.5 and thinks a good wine with a meal. Martin rates this 4.1. Nice and fruity but he won’t buy it again. Richard rates this wine at 3.7 as a blended standard wine. If you are in Laithwaites and you can see this wine on offer then it is well worth a try.

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