Marlborough Sun

Still in Lock-down and unable to meet up, so how do they taste a wine together. Thank you internet. Face time , WhatsApp, Zoom or even Skype means you can still enjoy a drink with your friends.

Richard will have to do with Martin as they taste an interesting Sauvignon Blanc. Marlborough Sun can be bought from the Asda supermarket and at the time of purchase it was reduced from £8 to £6. So what caught the eyes of Martin and Richard was the label. Two naked men jumping in the air. Why? Is this just a gimmick?

Pure Nakedness..

With the warmth of the sun enhancing the vines it is also an enhancement to naturists where they flock to the region in New Zealand. 12.5% alcohol level. Drinking notes are : Crisp wine , Passion fruit Honey suckle, Gooseberry.

” Can you drink Honeysuckle?” asks Richard, then he remembers an actress Honeysuckle weeks.

” An excellent actress ” says Richard . ” Not sure if he is mulling over the wine or Honeysuckle weeks.

“Very pleasant” says Martin , ” But I can’t see the correlation of taking off my clothes and this bottle of wine yet”. Maybe if he drank more he might.

So an interesting wine which just makes the summer day pass little better thinks Richard.

See if you can purchase one for yourself in Asda.