La Tulipe at the De Vere

Martin and Richard are tasting wines chosen by you the viewer, thank you Maxine and Jo. The Dino was an excellent wine and if you can get it on a deal then it is well worth buying, wow two bottles for £9 , only if you buy from Tesco whilst the deal is on.

That is so good and with an alcohol level at 13.5%, well worth the money. Nice and smooth , served just a little bit chilled. What makes this an interesting afternoon of tasting wine is the company , their special guest is Michael who has been working in the hotel industry for a number of years and gave Martin and Richard some pointers with regard to tasting wine. We thank you Michael for your assistance and patience.

Martin and Richard enjoyed their stay at the The De Vere whilst enjoying the wines. Their second choice Chosen by maxine was the Chateau La Tulipe. This French wine is interesting in many areas, first and foremost you can only buy this wine from Sainsbury’s and secondly the price. The web site for La Tulipe suggests that it can be bought between £6 and £9. Richard acquired this wine for £8.50 , then a week later it was reduced to £8. We know it is over the £6 budget, so look out for it when it is reduced in price, it is well worth a taste.

Over all a good week in tasting wine, of course the La Tulipe was the favourite and as Richard says it is a wine you can really talk about. Check out the video and see if you agree with them.


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