Still at the De Vere in Dorking. Red South African wines.

Martin and Richard have ventured onto the Red wines. Quirky Bird or Cinsault. No they haven’t heard of these either, but when you blind taste you definitely are tasting on merit. The Quirky bird is a Shiraz from Tesco and as Martin and Richard said ” It doesn’t taste like a shiraz”, no depth to be honest, a little bit disappointing. “Drink while your still young” it says. Good advice, especially at £4.85 .

Whereas when they moved onto the Cinsault it really took them by surprise and at great value at £5.48. The aroma wasn’t that strong but the taste really hit them. It was deep and strong and both them preferred it over the Quirky Bird. Martin  enjoys the red when it is warm and full and this fulfilled that criteria,infact even Richard was impressed with an alcohol level of 14.5%. With a twist of spice on the finish it is definitely one not to miss. Enjoy it with a meal or with friends ,this one is worth a good discussion late into the evening.

The De Vere and South African wines

Martin and Richard have taken time out and decided to visit The De vere Hotel at Wotton House in Dorking Surrey. What beautiful surroundings and what a warm welcome they received from the staff, they whole heartedly recommend a visit and don’t forget to use the facilities, the steam room and sauna with the pool is just an excellent way to finish the day after tasting some lovely wine. First cape sauvignon blanc and the Southern point sauvignon blanc were well received but make sure they are well chilled, it just helps to make the experience better. First Cape was 12.5 % alcohol level however it was pleasant with not a lot going on. It really didn’t hit you with any thing extraordinary. however at £4.99 it suddenly becomes quite appeasing.The Southern point from Asda had more going on in the nose section however not a great deal on with regard to

the taste. Green apple and melon, no couldn’t really taste that. Reduced to £4. would you try it with a meal, yes wine not. Martin and Richard did agree though that the First Cape was the better wine. watch the video and see if you agree.

A new video posted, Viewers Choice

This week sees a new wine video released, quite technical this week as Martin has had to battle with editing dropped cables in view , sound not up to scratch and camera was out of focus slightly, ahhhh! , However we enjoyed the day. Viewers Choice but with a difference, one of the viewers joined us to taste the wine. Thank you Mr Simon Djadali. The wines today are the Mcguigan  Classic Merlot Red , very nice and the Pinot Grigio 789. A nice light white wine and good value under £6, don`t forget to serve chilled. Check out the video and let Martin and Richard know if you agree with their description of the wines.

The other half of MR Wines

Good afternoon and welcome to the “R” in the “MR Wines” !!!  I am very much looking forward to sharing with you our travels, researches and fun in trying out new wines (and some old friends) in some interesting and hopefully exotic locations………

Californian White Wine

Martin and Richard tried two white wines this week, however the criteria was that the wine comes from the USA, California. Martin and Richard both agree that a good white wine should be well chilled and sure enough one of them was. The Camarosa Chardonnay could have been better chilled, however they both agreed it tasted Okay, and at a good price they feel it was quite pleasant and not to be ignored. The winner for them this week was the Asda Oak Leaf Chardonnay. Wow two Chardonnays in one session! It was light and expertly chilled , not sure if the heating had been turned on that day. What was nice about the wine is that it was not too  dry but had some flavour that didn’t knock your socks off. At £4.58 what a great deal. Walmart is the only way you buy this wine or in the United Kingdom we say Asda, It`s not a fine vintage wine but its not a wine you`ll find on Halfords shelves either. Enjoy it for what it is, a good cheap wine that wont disappoint in fact we will probably nip down to Asda later and get another bottle just to make sure we were right first time . Thumbs up Asda , definetly a 4.58 from MR Wines.

Welcome to MR Wines

Here we go, a new direction for MR wines. Today we were editing our new wine tasting experience, Californian wines , white wines too. We hope you enjoy our short video.

We have plenty more ideas but we really need the backing of a good production company to see our our ideas really flourish, who knows this time next year we might be on air.

Anyway enjoy. M.R