Yes Bodacious wine from @asda. At £6, you just have to give it a go, if you can bear the long queue then it makes it well worth it. Enjoy a glass with a friend and if needed then “ lob one over the fence” as Martin would say.


The size of the bottle really stands out to Richard , but the fact it is a Portguese wine really caught Martins eye.

The tasting notes are Rich Blackberry and Current aromas fill the glass with Jammy Black-fruit flavours. Wow sounds like a meal all on its own, and a body that is truly Bold. We are not talking about Martin and Richard , far from it. So is the wine good? 13.5% so a strong body.

“Not getting much through the nasal passage” says Martin, we can’t quite believe that.

” That smells nice” says Richard and he can’t believe Martin can’t get those aromas he can.” I’m getting loads”. Hay fever could be the reason.

High scores from the Boys, check out just how high. Check out Asda too with their good selection.

Marlborough Sun

Still in Lock-down and unable to meet up, so how do they taste a wine together. Thank you internet. Face time , WhatsApp, Zoom or even Skype means you can still enjoy a drink with your friends.

Richard will have to do with Martin as they taste an interesting Sauvignon Blanc. Marlborough Sun can be bought from the Asda supermarket and at the time of purchase it was reduced from £8 to £6. So what caught the eyes of Martin and Richard was the label. Two naked men jumping in the air. Why? Is this just a gimmick?

Pure Nakedness..

With the warmth of the sun enhancing the vines it is also an enhancement to naturists where they flock to the region in New Zealand. 12.5% alcohol level. Drinking notes are : Crisp wine , Passion fruit Honey suckle, Gooseberry.

” Can you drink Honeysuckle?” asks Richard, then he remembers an actress Honeysuckle weeks.

” An excellent actress ” says Richard . ” Not sure if he is mulling over the wine or Honeysuckle weeks.

“Very pleasant” says Martin , ” But I can’t see the correlation of taking off my clothes and this bottle of wine yet”. Maybe if he drank more he might.

So an interesting wine which just makes the summer day pass little better thinks Richard.

See if you can purchase one for yourself in Asda.


Martin and Richard are tasting a wine from the Coop supermarket, it is a little bit more expensive, but hey when you are in lock-down you have to go with what’s available.

At £7.75 one would think it has to be good. What did they think of it?

No added Sulphates which is good, and the tasting notes are , bright dark fruits and strawberries and a touch of pepper. wow sounds interesting, this deep red wine. What a strong odour! An excellent Spanish wine.

” Wow this fills your mouth” says Martin.

” This is Strong” says Richard.

See if you can purchase a bottle for yourself .

Covid 19 wine tasting

Martin and Richard have been very busy however times have changed and the World is in Lock down thanks to this Coronavirus Pandemic. So what to do? Martin and Richard enjoy a social glass of wine together but this time the together part will mean apart. Thanks to the internet , fast thinking they can still enjoy a glass of wine together but Virtually.

So what wine did Richard purchase? It is a bottle of wine called Chloe. It is a California Dry Rose, with hints of peach and apricot flavours, best suited for a lovely sunny day. Martin and Richard really enjoyed this wine with its crisp clear flavour of summer, it also has strawberries , raspberries and watermelon to add to the mix, but they felt that those other attributes did not over indulge the experience. Watch their video and see what they thought of this exciting fresh wine.

You bring the Wine I’ll bring the Chicks

Martin and Richard are tasting wine they enjoy and want to share with you their findings. Actually Martin bought the Leopard Leap Chenin Blanc for Richard as a gift.

Richard enjoys the South African wine because it is fresh and so uncomplicated.It is a dry wine best served chilled and a good wine with Poultry dishes. Unfortunately their special guests this week are young Chicks and talk of serving suggestions did somewhat up set them. The chicks were very well behaved, infact they got so bored of listening to Martin and Richard that they then started to fall asleep.

Sainsburys £5.00. What great value, Thank you @Sainsburys.

Mondelli Montepulciano or Cabalie.

Martin and Richard every now and then invite you the viewer to join them when you tell them the wine you enjoy, this week they welcome Tricia Davenport, who has been watching every episode and enjoying Martin and Richards banter as they try to describe a good wine for you. “There can’t be much on TV these days ” thinks Martin as he realises that Tricia has watched MR Wines from it infancy.

Tricia suggested the Mondelli Montepulciano from @Sainsburys at a cost of £5.50.  When the sourcing team acquired this wine it was only £5.00, so watch out for the offers. Don’t make it too warm like Martin did, just have it at room temperature. It was a nice deep colour not too deep though. Tricia says “it makes you lick your lips” very silky. “Smooth and silky like a persian cat’ says Richard, infact they all agree and lovely wine. Well done @sainsburys. Tricia rates the wine as a 4.8. Martin rates it at 4.65. Richard rates it as 4.9.

Excellent Wine and good value.

Cabalie is a wine you can pick up from @Laithwaites at a cost of between £6.99 -£9.99. Again it is a nice all round red . Richards brothers and father really rate this wine. Alcohol level is 13%. Tricia tastes the difference but it is still enjoyable and different, “it hangs around your mouth” says Tricia. Richard finds the wine a little plain whereas Martin and Tricia feel it is quite a good wine just a little bit too expensive. Tricia rates this wine at 4.5 and thinks a good wine with a meal. Martin rates this 4.1. Nice and fruity but he won’t buy it again. Richard rates this wine at 3.7 as a blended standard wine. If you are in Laithwaites and you can see this wine on offer then it is well worth a try.

Shorn or Giesen?

Martin and Richard are tasting New Zealand wines, this time however they start with the whites. The first wine is a Shorn Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Taken from the shelves of Asda it cost them £6.00. A nice clear wine with plenty of fruit to smell. Richard enjoys his white wine but with tasting so many grapes over the last six months he is feeling a little over whelmed with the different varieties. How do they rate this wine though? Martin thinks that there is too much going on and tastes too dry. The taste though might go with a meal, Richard is on the money when he knows it is a Sauvignon Blanc. ” Too much hard work “says Richard and Martin agrees.  A score of 3,2 for Richard whereas Martin feels it is only worth a 2.8. Why don’t you try it and let them know what you think


The Giesen from Tesco at a cost of £6 reduced from £6.75 was again very light. “Very pleasing “says Richard. The aroma was not so harsh, but could be served a little more on the cooler side. Martin knows that this wine would be excellent with a lovely desert. Richard feels that this wine is less complicated compared to the Shorn. Martin rates this wine only a 3.0 whereas Richard feels that this wine deserves a 4.2. Not bad value for a New Zealand wine.

Lovely background picture by

Check out their other fantastic artwork, really talented Triplets, Thank you ladies.

Oyster Bay Merlot vs Marlborough Pinot Noir

Martin and Richard are tasting New Zealand Wines, red wines this time. What did surprise them though was the lack of red wines under £6, in fact Karen and Debbi, the production and sourcing team, were unable to source any wines from this part of the world under £6. Martin and Richard are trying to find wines that you the viewer can take to party or just enjoy on your own for a reasonable price, this as you will see from the video didn’t go to plan.

The Oyster Bay had plenty of aroma and the first taste gave away plenty of fruit. Martin and Richard did enjoy this wine, it isn’t pretentious as some wines are, “Very robust “says Richard and Martin had to agree. To enjoy this wine make sure it is served not too warm , room temperature adds to the experience. 13.5% alcohol level just made it taste a little better , it felt rich and gave deep meaning. £9.75 was little too expensive for Richards liking, but when we found out that it had been reduced to £8, it made it seem reasonable. Well done to @Morrisons for finding a delightful red wine. Richard gave it a 4.8 where as Martin gave it a 4.7 just below Richards marking because of its price.

Pinot Noir Marlborough from @Aldi had more fragrance, however when they tasted it they were some what let down. The scent did not transfer in to a pleasant experience on the tongue, it was watery and did not hit the mark. Lots of potential when smelling the wine but losing a lot on the taste. Both Martin and Richard agreed they did not enjoy this wine as much as the Oyster bay. It could have been chilled a little more , and Martin said “it borders on being a Rose”. 13% alcohol level should have made this bottle a little more appealing. Martin, even though he did not enjoy this one still gave it a 3.9 because he could see it being more popular during the summer months,  Richard had to agree. £6.99 from @aldi.

Todays winner then is the Oyster bay.

check out the video and see if you agree,






The Cutting Room floor 10

Martin and Richard are tasting wines while staying at The De Vere Wotton House Dorking Surrey. First of all they would like to say thank you to Wotton House for being so accommodating. They enjoyed their stay there and they very much appreciated the warm welcome . The facilities are excellent and if any one wishes to stay the check out the link.
Now back to the wine, what you are watching here is Martin and Richards Cutting Room floor excerpts, as you can see their progress is very minute. Maybe it was the atmosphere at the time, but their laughter is infectious.Thank goodness thats all you can catch from them, anyway enjoy our outtakes.

La Tulipe at the De Vere

Martin and Richard are tasting wines chosen by you the viewer, thank you Maxine and Jo. The Dino was an excellent wine and if you can get it on a deal then it is well worth buying, wow two bottles for £9 , only if you buy from Tesco whilst the deal is on.

That is so good and with an alcohol level at 13.5%, well worth the money. Nice and smooth , served just a little bit chilled. What makes this an interesting afternoon of tasting wine is the company , their special guest is Michael who has been working in the hotel industry for a number of years and gave Martin and Richard some pointers with regard to tasting wine. We thank you Michael for your assistance and patience.

Martin and Richard enjoyed their stay at the The De Vere whilst enjoying the wines. Their second choice Chosen by maxine was the Chateau La Tulipe. This French wine is interesting in many areas, first and foremost you can only buy this wine from Sainsbury’s and secondly the price. The web site for La Tulipe suggests that it can be bought between £6 and £9. Richard acquired this wine for £8.50 , then a week later it was reduced to £8. We know it is over the £6 budget, so look out for it when it is reduced in price, it is well worth a taste.

Over all a good week in tasting wine, of course the La Tulipe was the favourite and as Richard says it is a wine you can really talk about. Check out the video and see if you agree with them.