Californian White Wine

Martin and Richard tried two white wines this week, however the criteria was that the wine comes from the USA, California. Martin and Richard both agree that a good white wine should be well chilled and sure enough one of them was. The Camarosa Chardonnay could have been better chilled, however they both agreed it tasted Okay, and at a good price they feel it was quite pleasant and not to be ignored. The winner for them this week was the Asda Oak Leaf Chardonnay. Wow two Chardonnays in one session! It was light and expertly chilled , not sure if the heating had been turned on that day. What was nice about the wine is that it was not too  dry but had some flavour that didn’t knock your socks off. At £4.58 what a great deal. Walmart is the only way you buy this wine or in the United Kingdom we say Asda, It`s not a fine vintage wine but its not a wine you`ll find on Halfords shelves either. Enjoy it for what it is, a good cheap wine that wont disappoint in fact we will probably nip down to Asda later and get another bottle just to make sure we were right first time . Thumbs up Asda , definetly a 4.58 from MR Wines.

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