Yes Bodacious wine from @asda. At £6, you just have to give it a go, if you can bear the long queue then it makes it well worth it. Enjoy a glass with a friend and if needed then “ lob one over the fence” as Martin would say.


The size of the bottle really stands out to Richard , but the fact it is a Portguese wine really caught Martins eye.

The tasting notes are Rich Blackberry and Current aromas fill the glass with Jammy Black-fruit flavours. Wow sounds like a meal all on its own, and a body that is truly Bold. We are not talking about Martin and Richard , far from it. So is the wine good? 13.5% so a strong body.

“Not getting much through the nasal passage” says Martin, we can’t quite believe that.

” That smells nice” says Richard and he can’t believe Martin can’t get those aromas he can.” I’m getting loads”. Hay fever could be the reason.

High scores from the Boys, check out just how high. Check out Asda too with their good selection.