April 2018 archive

You bring the Wine I’ll bring the Chicks

Martin and Richard are tasting wine they enjoy and want to share with you their findings. Actually Martin bought the Leopard Leap Chenin Blanc for Richard as a gift. Richard enjoys the South African wine because it is fresh and so uncomplicated.It is a dry wine best served chilled and a good wine with Poultry …

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Mondelli Montepulciano or Cabalie.

Martin and Richard every now and then invite you the viewer to join them when you tell them the wine you enjoy, this week they welcome Tricia Davenport, who has been watching every episode and enjoying Martin and Richards banter as they try to describe a good wine for you. “There can’t be much on …

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Shorn or Giesen?

Martin and Richard are tasting New Zealand wines, this time however they start with the whites. The first wine is a Shorn Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Taken from the shelves of Asda it cost them £6.00. A nice clear wine with plenty of fruit to smell. Richard enjoys his white wine but with tasting so many …

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